Our vision

We believe that inspired people from all walks of life, who have an unstoppable appetite for developing solutions to problems, and transforming communities, make the world a better place. eLab exists to partner, nurture and support such talent.

Our mission

We connect with grassroots talent and provide the support they need to sharpen their skills and know-how.

To us, causes are projects and projects are causes so we create atmospheres and processes that support noteworthy ideation and enterprise.

Success is not only financial prosperity, or sustainability but the measurable impact on communities.

Our projects


There is no limit to what children with unbounded imaginations can do. At Ennovate Lab, we are committed to protecting this innate capacity in children as well as fast-tracking this process in them. CTCTW is an initiative to equip children and teens with creative and critical thinking skills to secure their relevance in the 21st Century’s Knowledge economy. It uses both an incentivised radio programme and online platforms to reach out to its audience beginning from Ogbomoso to the world. Visit www.ctctw.org to find out more


The best way to predict the future is to create it. Register for Cogneasy to learn future relevant skills of critical thinking, creative thinking and advanced problem solving.


In discovering the place of Design as a tool in solving most of the world's problems, we've created Brave, a fellowship designed to make and equip the future pioneers of Design.

My BizBoxx

An all-in-one toolkit for small business owners that walks them through 8 proven steps to sustainable business success.


CodeForce is the Tech world’s Special Forces equivalent. We will raise 2000 crack-team level developers in 5 years through our residential programme and 20000 more through our virtual Fellows’ Programme. In the time it takes to accomplish this, we will have brought a change so deep, so far-reaching and so self-perpetuating to the face of the African dev community. Enough said, action next. (Applications opening soon)

Summer of Code

A 4-week intensive training in Android/web development coupled with critical thinking classes. It is organized for secondary school students of all classes during the long summer holiday.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Jesudamilare Adesegun-David

Founding Partner / CEO

Pelumi Igunnubole

Founding Partner
(UK Operations)

Chima Omike

Founding Partner
(EU Operations)

Ijeoma Nwawka

Founding Partner
(US Operations)