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One of the main industries that require large human labor is the textile industry. There are many processes in the industry and processes require people while people are prone to mental fatigue thus cognitive bias. Companies are beginning to turn the AI way to improve their process and production efficiency in a great way while reducing operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction and trust.

AI applications in the textile industry today is majorly in grading fabric quality and color grading using special sensors. This part of the industry is driven by B2B partnerships with software companies that design precision software that allows textile manufacturers to measure their yarn quality, set color tolerance and fabric wrinkle performance using computer vision. It has been inferred that large textile corporations will have to take the lead in opening paths with their commitments to R&D.

Other future applications of AI in the textile industry will be using machine learning models to autonomously set machine parameters, yarn properties, 3D modeling of the fabric based on previous data fed into it.

Although most of these techniques are still new, they will get established as knowledge about AI generally increases vis-a-viz knowledge specific to the textile domain.

Research Credit: EmerJ

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