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Career Showcase: Who is Machine Learning Engineer

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Considering a career in Machine Learning Engineering or simply curious? Read this.

Have you ever found yourself on a platform like Netflix or YouTube? After watching a couple of movies or shows, you then begin to get recommendations based on the genre(s) of movies you have just seen. Most of the times those recommendations suit you just fine.

And in your mind you just want to exclaim, “YouTube or Netflix gets me!” 

Now, behind that amazing technology is a technique or method called Machine Learning. 

Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence and a combination of two fields which include Data Science and Software Engineering. It involves algorithms and models that are able to make decisions, suggestions or classification based on pre-existing data with little human intervention.

Who is a Machine Learning Engineer?

A machine learning engineer uses machine learning as a technique to create systems from analyzing pre-existing data, these systems then learn patterns from the said data and make decisions on similar data with minimal human supervision. It is a more sophisticated form of programming as it involves training machines to learn and make decisions.

The tasks of a Machine Learning Engineer include understanding data set and developing data models, designing machine learning systems, run tests, and experiments.

What Fields Can a Machine Learning Engineer Work in?

Companies are working round the clock to get the most of emerging technologies, hence the need for roles like Machine Learning Engineers in fields such as agriculture, healthcare, entertainment, finance, User Behavior Analysis, online marketing, telecommunications, history and so on.

The need for Machine Learning Engineers will keep increasing exponentially as the world is constantly changing and technology in the future will rely on Artificial Intelligence.

Skills Needed for a Machine Learning Engineer?

Machine learning is an intersection between Data Science and Software Engineering, hence a machine Learning Engineer should be skilled in Computer fundamentals and programming, Data Modeling and Evaluation, Statistics and Probability, Machine Learning libraries applications, and Software Engineering and Design.

Other qualities required of a Machine Learning Engineer include creativity, effective communication skills, ability to work in teams, ability to work with minimal supervision, patience, and critical thinking

Resources Needed to be a Machine Learning Engineer

To be a Machine Learning Engineer requires an in-depth knowledge of computer programming languages like Python. An academic degree in Computer Science, Data Science or Software Engineering are often considered for when applying for Machine Learning roles.

There are courses available on various online platforms such as:

  1. Machine learning – Coursera
  2. Introduction to Machine Learning with PyTorch – Udacity
  3. Machine learning certification – Simplilearn
  4. Machine Learning with Python – Coursera
  5. Advanced Machine Learning Specialization – Coursera
  6. Machine Learning – EdX
  7. Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders –

Salary Range for a Machine Learning Engineer

 Working as a Machine Learning Engineer attracts an average of N180, 000 per month in Nigeria (although based on limited comparison from Glassdoor and in the United States $114,121 per annum. While on Payscale the average salary is $110,971 per annum with bonuses and benefits.

Our world is faced with complex challenges that require complex systems, hence the need for Machine Learning Engineers to create those systems. By learning Machine Learning, you can position yourself for an exciting career in the future.

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